If we talk about a major public health concern, immediate action is needed to overcome the problems related to childbirth injuries or trauma across the globe. It is believed that there have been extensive shifts in the epidemiological patterns of child deaths. Reports show that the medical industry has made significant progress in preventing life-threatening […]


The birthing process is a moment of joy for mothers, but it gets tragic if any mishap happens. Many times, birthing goes bad for a few children. Some children suffer from birth injuries due to poor hospital facilities and procedures. Among several birth injuries, one of the most common from which children suffer is known […]

Could a Failure to Adequately Respond to Alarms during Labor and Delivery Have Caused Your Baby’s Birth Injury?

Alarms on monitoring devices in hospital obstetrical units regularly go off during a woman’s labor and the delivery of her child. While some of these alarms may signal serious danger to mother or fetus, others may be false alarms that do not signal danger but that still require prompt response to ensure patient safety. When […]

Asphyxia Birth Injuries May Be Caused by Medical Negligence

Could your newborn infant’s sleepiness, eating and sucking difficulties, extreme irritability, breathing problems, eye-movement irregularities, or seizures be due to a birth injury related to asphyxia? Though fetal asphyxia, newborn asphyxia, or birth asphyxia have been defined in various ways by organizations such as the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) and the World […]

Can the Prescription Drug Zofran Have Caused Your Child’s Birth Defect?

Certain prescription and over-the-counter (OTC) medications, when taken by a woman during pregnancy, can interfere with the development of the embryo or fetus she is carrying and result in severe birth defects in her child. Such substances are known as teratogens and may lead to the liability of drug companies that market these drugs for […]

High-risk Pregnancies and What They May Mean for Your Unborn Child’s Health

A high-risk pregnancy is generally defined as any pregnancy in which the risk of pregnancy or childbirth complications is higher than normal. Thus, anything that places a mother or fetus at increased risk for poor health or injury during the mother’s pregnancy or the birth of her child may result in a high-risk pregnancy diagnosis. […]

Could Your Identical Twins’ Birth Injuries or Deaths Have Been Caused by Untimely Diagnosed or Inadequately Treated TTTS?

TTTS, or twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome, is a pregnancy complication that can only occur when a woman is carrying identical twins or other identical multiple fetuses and when more than one identical fetus share a placenta. Though these conditions do not always give rise to TTTS, TTTS may develop when abnormalities in blood circulation between fetuses […]

Was Your Baby Injured by an Ill-advised Vaginal Delivery or Delayed or Improperly Performed C-Section?

A baby can be injured at birth due to an obstetrician’s failure to order a Caesarian section (C-Section) delivery when a vaginal delivery posed certain risks to the fetus. Babies may also be injured when an indicated C-section is delayed or performed improperly. When a baby is injured or dies as a result of any […]