Some of the Most Harmless-looking Products Can Pose Serious Dangers to Children

Concerned parents do their best to make careful choices when purchasing products their children may use or be exposed to, from toys to laundry detergent to furniture and appliances. The hazards presented by many products are obvious to us all—medications with easily removed caps, heavy TVs placed on wobbly television stands, kitchen utensils with sharp […]

Stern Warnings from FDA and Medical Associations: “Keepsake” Ultrasounds May Harm Your Unborn Child

You’re expecting a child—perhaps, your first—and have never been happier or more excited. When a shopping-mall hawker offers to take an ultrasound “photo” or video of the precious fetus growing inside you, how can you resist? It will be a keepsake, she tells you, that you’ll treasure forever. Despite the temptation, the Food and Drug […]