Could Your Identical Twins’ Birth Injuries or Deaths Have Been Caused by Untimely Diagnosed or Inadequately Treated TTTS?

TTTS, or twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome, is a pregnancy complication that can only occur when a woman is carrying identical twins or other identical multiple fetuses and when more than one identical fetus share a placenta. Though these conditions do not always give rise to TTTS, TTTS may develop when abnormalities in blood circulation between fetuses […]

Stern Warnings from FDA and Medical Associations: “Keepsake” Ultrasounds May Harm Your Unborn Child

You’re expecting a child—perhaps, your first—and have never been happier or more excited. When a shopping-mall hawker offers to take an ultrasound “photo” or video of the precious fetus growing inside you, how can you resist? It will be a keepsake, she tells you, that you’ll treasure forever. Despite the temptation, the Food and Drug […]

Was Your Baby Injured by an Ill-advised Vaginal Delivery or Delayed or Improperly Performed C-Section?

A baby can be injured at birth due to an obstetrician’s failure to order a Caesarian section (C-Section) delivery when a vaginal delivery posed certain risks to the fetus. Babies may also be injured when an indicated C-section is delayed or performed improperly. When a baby is injured or dies as a result of any […]

Could Your Child’s Cerebral Palsy Have Been Caused by Medical Malpractice?

While children may sustain cerebral palsy (CP) birth injuries due to unpreventable occurrences, CP may also be caused by medical malpractice during a woman’s pregnancy or the birth of her child. Medical malpractice can lead to a child’s CP in a number of ways, some of which are discussed below. If your child has been […]