It is believed that most birth trauma cases are preventable. Typically, there are two things that can lead to birth trauma – the first is the experience that is felt by the woman, who is in labor, and second is the circumstances around the birth. A birth trauma can be defined as damage caused to organs and tissues of a newly delivered child. This usually happens because of physical pressure during childbirth.

According to the Birth Trauma Association (BTA), it is believed that nearly a third of mothers suffer a traumatic experience during childbirth. This is a major concern, as it can have a significant impact on women or their baby if they are in danger. It can also happen if the woman in labor is not being listened to or feels out of control. The spokeswoman of the Birth Trauma Association said in a statement, “The first port of call for a woman in this position is to go to their GP. We have lots of leaflets which can be printed off which explain symptoms – not all GPs know about postnatal PTSD [post-traumatic stress disorder].”

According to the blog posted by Every Mum Should Know, the author expressed that apart from unknown biological reasons, the environment of the labor room also plays a critical role in birth trauma. Women need to be respected while they are in labor and delivering a baby.

In such situations, it is essential to know the symptoms of birth trauma. Why? Because, if you know about it, you can advocate for the right help. Consult a birth trauma law firm right away who can help you get the basic rights that you deserve. It is a serious concern that needs to be solved at the earliest.